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Five Girls, Three Months, 18 Countries And a Van Named Birdie

Van Tour 2010 Birds in London

Van Tour 2010 Birds @Wicked London

Toasting with French wine beneath the Eiffel Tower, grazing on cheese filled baguettes, champagne, escargots and Carcassonne cassoulet. Frolicking in Provence lavender fields, “Wicked” beach parties along the French Rivera, dipping in the sparkling Rivera Sea, exploring the breathtaking Verdun gorge and swimming in the crystal clear waters of Annecy with the French Alps as a stunning backdrop.

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The Great Experience We Call ‘Van Tour’

We as a trio, Wayne, Miranda and Clinton pick up our van from London having our first night in the van at the town of Sandwich, Kent. Our night was cold but the van keeps us warm.

We wake up early, pack up the van and head for the ferry. Our first impressions of France weren’t the best, but hey, we’re in France!

We head off through France towards Spain. Our GPS gives us the option of avoiding tolls, now hearing how much the tolls are in France we choose to avoid. Avoiding tolls may have taken longer but we saved on the tolls and got to see many of the intriguing back streets of France.

Weedkiller at Pamps Campsite - Wicked Van Tour 2010

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Tour De Europe in a Wicked Camper

After 3 years in London, my fiancé and I are heading back to Melbourne, but first we decided to put our relationship to the ultimate test of a 3month European van tour! Whilst we had a fairly detailed itinerary planned for our roadtrip, it was always going to be a case of seeing how things unfolded once we were on the road. Our only essential stops were Pamplona, the Pyrenees for Le Tour and Oktoberfest. What follows is equal parts advice and experience from our time on the road.

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(Off) The Wall Van Tour 2010

The 1st of July had arrived and four mates from New Zealand full of excitement had just picked up a Wicked Camper van called The Wall and this began our three month adventure of a life time throughout Europe!

(Off) The Wall Van Tour 09

It began with the drive to Dover to catch the ferry to Calais, after negotiating driving on the other side of the road in France we started heading towards our first major destination Pamplona.

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Van Tour 09

The best 3 months of our lives travelling around Europe in a Wicked Camper. Picking up our Wicked Camper at the depot in London was a highlight as we were so excited on embarking on 3 months of adventure and quickly came to realize that this little beauty with such a lovely slogan on the back was to be our home for the next 3 months!!

The Adventure begins. . . . . .

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