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Wingin’ It, Wicked Style

After a couple of days exploring London we arrived at wicked to pick up our van.

A guy and girl travelling together at that stage as mates wicked decided to give us the ‘just married’ van … haha very funny! Made for some awkward conversation starters!

We didn’t have a lot planned out to be honest we were slack so here are some vital things I suggest you have with you before departure!

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Cruising Europe in the Smurf-Mobile, Van Tour 2011

Introducing the Smurf Mobile… Our home for the next 101 days!


The bedroom


The kitchen


The dining / living room

As we had to be in Pamplona for San Fermin/Running of the Bulls on the 5th of July, we were under a fair bit of pressure to drive up through Italy and across the southern coast of France to get there in time… We didn’t help ourselves by deciding to head to Barcelona, Valencia, and Madrid before heading back up to Pamps, which is actually quite close to the French (Atlantic) border.

The last of Italy (for now…)

First things first, we picked up our camper in San Benedetto Del Tronto. We then drove, rather nervously on the wrong side of the road, up the east coast of Italy in search of our first free camp, stopping at Ancona to deck the van out at Ikea (where else!) and to pick up supplies at the massive Carrefour. We quickly discovered that we had no hope of finding a free camp on the resort beaches so had to go a lot further afield than we had hoped… We finally ‘pitched’ our van for our first night in the not-much-happening-town of Fano.

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Beau and Jason Do Europe – Van Tour 2011

We had been planning this trip for quite some time, about 18 months before our departure date, discussing different options, whether to backpack or hire/buy a van. Jason did most of the research. He stumbled upon Wicked Campers and Van Tour, said Beau should have a look, and the rest is history.

Before we start, we will say that there are numerous little anecdotes in amongst the entire trip that if we were to include every little detail, who knows how many words it would take! We wouldn’t want to bore anyone. At one stage the plan was to write everything down and include it in this blog but certain unfortunate events would see all our writing, to that date, taken from us. All will be revealed as you read.

Our holiday began in England a week before we were due to pick up the van. We spent that week exploring London and it surrounds, staying in a room at a retirement village across the road from Jason’s relos. Needless to say… it smelt like old people.
The time had come on the 30th of June to head into London and pick up our wicked van. At first look we were surprised at what was in front of us, not to mention the name, “Stupidity”. After a quick check, water and oil levels, we were in the car, on the road ready to get things started. With Beau driving, our first destination was the petrol station as the fuel level was relatively low. The directions to the closest petrol station we were given were 3 rights and a left. Naturally, we took 4 rights and shamefully and rather red faced, drove back past the depot.

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Nightclub Fights, Live Sex Screenings and the Wolf Pack – Van Tour 2011

Stage 1: Leaving London

The van was full, anticipation was high. We set off from Putney at approximately 9am in the morning and negotiated our way through London’s morning traffic. With our Tom Tom still in it’s cardboard box we were armed solely with directions on a piece of scrap paper. We got lost within 5 minutes. Time to unpack the Tom Tom. A few u-turns later and with a soothing female voice now guiding us we were on the highway to Dover. Our European tour was underway.

Stage 2: Bruge

We moved through customs at Dover and Calais with ease. In fact nobody stopped us to check the van and it’s contents, humans included. We could have had anyone in there. No wonder they never found Maddy McCann. Someone would have just driven her across the channel and onwards from there. Immediately we all regretted not bringing a stash of hash. Good rhyming. I’m on here.

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Alice in Euroland – Van Tour 2011

DAY 01 (30-06-11): Got on the road about 2pm, caught the euro tunnel to france, 2 out of the 3 vans made it in time (poor Goochy). We stopped off at carrefour after a detour out to the country side because we took the wrong turn. But driving on the right hand side for the first time wasn’t too scary. Drove until we found a safe truck stop to have a snooze for the night.

DAY 02 (01-07-11): Jumped back on the road early to make some good km’s. Arrived in Bordeaux by late afternoon. But headed straight for a small coastal town in Plage. Set up camp, chirstened the ‘flaming moe’  and watched our first sun set on the beach.

DAY 03 (02-07-11): Had a nice sleep in and went down to the beach with intentions to jump into the lake, but the temp was quite chilly still. Left for San Sebastian and arrived in Zarautz by the arvo. Went straight to the beach and cracked a bottle of champas on the walk down. Enjoyed another sun set and Em beat Sophie in Casey Stoner. Which resulted in Sophie’s first Sangria bong. Scored a mean fish curry from the Stoke Travel crew.

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