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Rock On With 25% Off Glastonbury 2013 Hires

Still having Glasto withdrawals? Get your Glast-isfaction in 2013 and get 25% off* the hire cost your Wicked Camper if you book early!

Due to the 2012 break, next years event tickets are going to be hot to trot – they go on sale Sunday 7 October. Don’t forget to register first!

What’s probably not going to be so hot unfortunately, is the weather – the Glasto gods are rarely kind so don’t risk another washed out tent! Book a Wicked Camper for a glamped-out Glasto experience.

The festival runs from Wednesday 26 June – Sunday 30 June 2013 and we have a minimum hire period of 7 calendar days, which means you could pick up your camper the day prior (Tuesday 25th June) and drop it off the day after (Monday 1st July) to meet the minimum hire period requirement.

Head to our home page at and enter the promo code ‘GLASTO’ and dates into the booking engine on the right hand side of the page. 25% off baby, yeah!

*The 25% off hire cost for early bird bookings is only valid for the next couple of months or until stock lasts. The full balance of your hire is due on booking. If you aren’t lucky enough to score tickets and have already booked your Glastonbury camper hire with us, you can move your booking to another time – just give us the heads up.

Hire a Wicked Campers camper van for all the UK and European festivals at

On the Road with Road Runner

We managed to pick up Road Runner earlier than scheduled and headed up the north of England towards Edinburgh. We stopped off in York for a night and found a great free camp spot by the river in the middle of town. We spent the next morning wandering the cobbled streets and the walls of the city. We then made our way to Scotland and arrived Edinburgh which was a stunning place. Checked out the castle and the city for the day and then gapped to over the lochs. From there we made our way to back into England and stayed in the lakes district which was really nice then headed for wales where we had a night in Cardiff. From there we checked out Bath and Stonehenge.

We then made our way to Dover and headed to France, we arrived to stifling heat and drove straight to Paris. Three days in Paris didn’t really do it justice but we had an amazing time wandering around and seeing the sights. The Louvre and the Eiffel tower at night were amazing. We hit the coast heading down through Royan and down to Bayonne where we just drove through but we stopped in Biarritz for a few hours. It was a really cool place with nice beaches and the city sitting right above them. It was like an old coastal seaside village in a city with heaps of old buildings right on the cliffs and around the water. We stayed that night a few beaches down the coast, we cooked dinner on the beach which was real nice. From there to make our way into Spain for running of the bulls. What an experience, just being there was incredible let alone been involved with whole thing.

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The Wicked Blog About When Shit Got Real….

I wrote a day to day journal of our four amazing months living like a hobo, seeing how far you could go before you were under the section weird, and about the places we went and what we did to make sure we remember them. But seeing this is not the 1950’s, computers have become the new pen and paper so here I am reliving our trip all over again!

When we picked Marvin up he was so cute looking all clean in his Sunday best, ready to be our home for four months. Off to Newquay we went. Warning: Summer means jack shit in England…do not think you will survive with a couch cover (but hey when they at $1 each why not right?). Matt brought his surfboard from there and so the surf trip began. Fistral beach was our local and the town had the best sandwiches I’ve ever had! From there we headed over to Dover and caught the train over to France. That was the weekend we were told a heat wave had hit England and that people were going to die, something we couldn’t believe but just in time I reckon.

France: Quote from the man I talked to booking the ferry. “We drive on the RIGHT side of the road”. I don’t know about right but driving 130km straight off the train on a completely different side of the road with different rules took some getting used to. We thought people were tooting at our slogan on the back of our van but nope they were tooting with their heads out of their windows at my driving.

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85 Roads Leading to the Best Summer of Your Life

1.  Hire a Wicked van.

2.  Buy a Tom Tom with the maps of East and Western Europe.

3.  Name all your van’s gear with typical Aussie slang names – we had Sue the Tom Tom, Bazza our van, even so far as naming the towels, lol.

4. Travel to the continent in record time under the channel.

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Cruising Europe in the Smurf-Mobile, Van Tour 2011

Introducing the Smurf Mobile… Our home for the next 101 days!


The bedroom


The kitchen


The dining / living room

As we had to be in Pamplona for San Fermin/Running of the Bulls on the 5th of July, we were under a fair bit of pressure to drive up through Italy and across the southern coast of France to get there in time… We didn’t help ourselves by deciding to head to Barcelona, Valencia, and Madrid before heading back up to Pamps, which is actually quite close to the French (Atlantic) border.

The last of Italy (for now…)

First things first, we picked up our camper in San Benedetto Del Tronto. We then drove, rather nervously on the wrong side of the road, up the east coast of Italy in search of our first free camp, stopping at Ancona to deck the van out at Ikea (where else!) and to pick up supplies at the massive Carrefour. We quickly discovered that we had no hope of finding a free camp on the resort beaches so had to go a lot further afield than we had hoped… We finally ‘pitched’ our van for our first night in the not-much-happening-town of Fano.

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