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Wicked Campers Signs Up to London Visitor Charter

Wicked Campers are delighted to announce they are the latest partner to sign up to the London Visitor Charter, a commitment to keep prices and practices fair over this summer.

In the lead up to the London 2012 Games, London & Partners, the official promotional organisation for London has implemented an initiative aimed at reassuring visitors to London that they are getting quality products and services for a reasonable price.

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A Coupla Queenslanders Cruising Europe in a Camper

As the sun was setting on our 3 ½ year stay, living and working in the UK (London and Edinburgh), it was with great excitement our thoughts turned to the 90 days we had in front of us – what was to be our most life-changing trip through a European summer.

Not twelve months earlier, Renee and I had our first ‘Wicked Van’ experience with a 5-day excursion in Northern Ireland.  We had of course heard of Wicked Vans as they were a common sighting along our home Eastern coast of Australia, but had yet to cocoon ourselves in one.  The idea of camper-van living has always appealed to us and after making a few inquiries with the most helpful Julie, our Northern Ireland trip was booked.

I can think of no better way to experience a new country than having your home on wheels and our ‘Jellybean’ painted Wicked Van did not disappoint.  Everything we needed within arms reach (literally!) and once we acclimatised to the cabin fever; our home away from home became a magic part of a wonderful stay.  At 30-something years of age, this was both our first time ‘camper-vanning’ and was a taste of things to come.

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The Adventures of Ren, Stimpy and Nancy The Navigator

Devon and Lucy set off from Christchurch to London on June 20th 2012. When we arrived, we joined both Rhodal and Ally to begin our overseas adventure!

London was very good to us being spoiled for entertainment such as museums, partying at the zoo, Tate modern art gallery, fabulous markets and plenty of musicals!!

After a week of adventures we met our 5th traveling companion Nickolia, picked up our very “Wicked” Camper van and headed towards the White Cliffs of Dover.

Unfortunately the five of us seemed to lack any sense of direction and urgency for that matter and managed to miss our ferry after hours of struggling to find our way out of the city. Fortunately we were put back on track after the help of our best purchase – NANCY THE NAVIGATOR!!

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Weasel and Baboon Do Europe

Picked up the Weasel in London, almost took out a motorbike, and started our adventure of a lifetime!!!

Caught the Eurotunnel across the channel, kicking back in our bed with a glass of wine & in no time at all Bonjoir France! Spent a few days cruising down the West coast of France, free camping in Aires & getting used to driving on the right hand side.

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VAN TOUR… The Only Way To Do Europe!

We booked some one way tickets to London in the start of April 2011, without a time frame or a clue as to what we were going to do when we got there. All we knew is we wanted to see as much of the UK and Europe as we could. We looked into rail passes, multiple flight tickets, tour groups and couldn’t find anything that suited our budget, that would last as long as the Wicked Van Tour. Our mate back home had been harping on about it since he got back from VT 2010, and all his stories and photos looked awesome. So after comparing all the different ways of travelling around Europe, we decided a Wicked Camper was the go.

With nearly two months until ‘Van Tour’ officially started and having been in London for two or so weeks already, we thought to ourselves, what are we going to do? Work in a London pub? Nahhh, lets go see the UK. We wanted to spend our 90days of Van Tour outside the UK, so we thought bugger it, we’ll get another Wicked Camper and go and see England, Ireland Scotland and Wales. Plus this would give us a bit of a warm up to life in a van for 3 months!

It had only been a little over a week since we finished off our own little 42day wicked Van Tour of the UK and Ireland in “Hip Hop.”  We had a ball just doing our own thing, following the coast of England from Brighton to Cornwall, then up into Wales, over to Scotland, across to Ireland for a week and then back through the highlands of Scotland and finally back into London.

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