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The Great Experience We Call ‘Van Tour’

We as a trio, Wayne, Miranda and Clinton pick up our van from London having our first night in the van at the town of Sandwich, Kent. Our night was cold but the van keeps us warm.

We wake up early, pack up the van and head for the ferry. Our first impressions of France weren’t the best, but hey, we’re in France!

We head off through France towards Spain. Our GPS gives us the option of avoiding tolls, now hearing how much the tolls are in France we choose to avoid. Avoiding tolls may have taken longer but we saved on the tolls and got to see many of the intriguing back streets of France.

Weedkiller at Pamps Campsite - Wicked Van Tour 2010

We talk about picking up hitchhikers, about the many weird and wonderful possibilities depending on the choice of hitchhiker…. luckily we chose well. We picked up two French Canadians traveling also to Spain. They stayed with us that night when we arrived in Spain drinking and smoking and laughing while sitting in our van, around the easily accessible table.

Three days in Spain, Pamplona we spent drinking and ‘running from bulls’. Days of Sangria and chants, coming back covered head to toe in red and purple from Sangria being thrown everywhere.

Pamps, Weedkiller Wicked Van Tour 2010

After Pamplona we leave to pick up a friend from Gerona. On our way we drive past the Pyrenees Mountains, a beautiful drive.

After picking up our friend Dave, we now drive along the coastline to Barcelona. Luckily for us Spain is in the final for the world cup, the very same day we get to Barcelona. So we spend a night ripping it up in Barcelona.

Next we head to Narbonne, France. We get to our first camp site and try to go swimming in their pool. Little be known the French are gay perverts. Saying that we have to where tight dick togs, or bike pant-like shorts. We spend the first night there and it’s quite windy as there is a massive storm nearby. Sleeping in the tents at night the tents blow down while we are in them in the middle of the night. Besides that we have a good time in Narbonne, the scenery is beautiful and so are the woman. We see the sign full breakfast out the front of the camp shop, although a full breakfast to me may be bacon, eggs, sausages and hash browns; the French’s full breakfast is croissants and baguettes!

Then we went to Nice where we look at their art museum and bought our first lethal bottle of Absinthe.

Monte-Carlo was next, where we drove our brightly coloured van with ‘WeedKiller’ painted on the side into the middle of a whole gathering of Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Mercedes Benz’s. This place was one wealthy area.

Off to Switzerland we went, driving through the Italian Alps, Saint Bernard’s Pass; the roads there were amazing, long winding tunnels through mountains opening up onto gorgeous scenery of snow topped mountains. Once in Switzerland we went to Jungfraujoch where the steepest and highest rail tracks are in Europe. Riding up in the train was like a roller-coaster winding up for its big drop. Unfortunately it came down just as slow as it went up. Not like this bothered us though because arriving at the top was amazing, to be so cold with so much snow up there when just a few minutes ago we where hot down below. Walking through the snow, trust none other than an Australian, Miranda, wore thongs freezing her toes.

Weedkiller on Wicked Tour 2010

Freiburg in Germany was our next destination; it was a beautiful student town. We spent nearly a week there just ridding around on hired bikes eating cheap food, listening to live music going to open mic nights and meeting so many cool and interesting people. The city has these small waterways that run down every street.

On our way to Amsterdam now and we decided to pull into a truck stop and just sleep there for a night instead of finding a campsite. Little did we know it was a ‘doggin’ spot. Where people meet up for sexual relations. After an uninvited approach we packed up our tent quicker than ever and left straight away.

Weedkiller Boys on Wicked Van Tour 2010

Amsterdam I’m sure needs not much of a story we did the typical cafe’s, red light district and drank a lot.

After Amsterdam we went to Bruges, and filmed our own ‘in Bruges’. Except this time Colin Farrell died.

By now we’ve run out of money so we decide to go back to the UK to work for a while. While looking for work we spend a weekend in Brighton, not realising it was gay pride weekend. Even though, it was a good weekend a lot of friendly, happy nice people just there to party. We went to a club on the Beach which was pretty cool.

Our friend Dave went home and we spent a month working in the Lake District.

Back to Amsterdam and this time we hired bikes and road around a bit more to see more of the beautiful scenery that Amsterdam has to offer. We also bought some mushrooms and tripped out in the van for one night.

Now Wayne has relatives in Friesland so we went to their house so he could see where his mother grew up and meet his relatives.

Easy Camping with Wicked Campers

Oktoberfest, as the Germans say, was our next stop and we were looking forward to meeting up with all the other Wicked Van tour people from who we met at Pampalona. We all hired bikes here and did a bike tour. But the main attraction would have been the beer. We drank litres and litres and litres of beer.

Leaving our Van brethren we headed to Austria, Vienna.

Then Poland, Krakow, spending a day doing the Death camp tour which was an amazing eye opener on WWII.

The Czech Republic was next where we went to Prague did an awesome walking tour and bought some cheap, cheap Czech white rum, getting very drunk and very sick.

Which brings us to the end where we drove straight back to London, to start our next chapter.

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